1988 Decofrut is founded in Rotterdam, Holland, by his now                      president, Manuel José Alcaíno.

1991  Study Department, now Market Information and                               Intelligence, is born. The Department aims to supply                         information, studies, figures, and intelligence to the fresh                 fruit markets worldwide.

1994  First inspections are conducted in Italy and England,                         followed by expansion into Spain, Russia, and the rest of                 Europe. 

1998  Expansion into US market with opening of the first office                 in the Port of Philadelphia, PA; inauguration of Miami, FL,                 office and then Los Angeles, CA, office in 1999. Later on,                 operations are launched in McAllen and Houston, TX,                       Nogales, AZ, along with several seasonal operations in                     various states.


1999  Opening of office in Mexico for produce imported into                     this country; Inspections at Origin for produce destined                   for  the US market are added subsequently.

2001  Expansion into the Asian market with opening of the first                 office in Hong Kong and then operations in China, South                 Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

2002  First operations in Chile providing Quality Control at                         Origin.

2011  First operations in Peru; fruit growing zone is fully covered               today.

2013  Berry Department is launched with specialized services for               producers (at origin) and importers (at destination).

2014  First operations of Retail Department with specialized                       services for Supermarket chains.

2017  First inspections are conducted in South Africa. Food                       Safety division is born.

2018   First operations in United Arab Emirates, including Dubai                 and Saudi Arabia.